Live the Dream Report

The Financial Planners Association of Australia recently released the Live the Dream report – Research into Australians living a successful life. Using data based on a McCrindle Research national survey, the report shows that as Australians, we dream about what the future could hold. Nearly four in five of us (77%) believe in our personal ability to create the life we want, but only 23% say we are definitely or mostly living the dream.

This report states that 1 in 4 Australians believe they are ‘living the dream’ and these people share similar traits. These include having strong personal habits, dreaming about the future and most importantly, they plan ahead and stick to the plan.

Obviously everyone has different definitions of ‘living the dream’, but a general opinion is that Australians believe it means having the lifestyle of their choice. As advisers it’s important that we realise that everyone’s dream is different, and that’s why it is vital that we treat every one of our clients as individuals – there is no magic formula which applies for every situation and we handcraft our solutions differently for each of our clients.

The report places Australians into four Financial Action Personality types:

Daydreamers, Go-Getters, Cruisers and Builders.

2 in 5 Go-Getters believe they are living the dream. We think this also relates to our article last month about Rebecca Leo’s Habits of Happy and Successful People. The report also outlines some of the habits of Go-Getters which include waking early, spending quality time with family and spending time planning. They also eat out more than the other personality types, which sounds pretty good to us!

We think you will find this report really interesting. You can download it here

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