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Adam and Wendy Sundin’s business – Jellyfish 1770 – is a gorgeous shop filled with vibrant colours and textures, set in the idyllic hinterland village of Montville.

Selling a range of hand-crafted Madagascan baskets, bags and hats, the Sundins love for what they do is evident in the colourful displays and their extensive product knowledge. When Adam and Wendy returned from a stint overseas, their dream of having a store like Jellyfish 1770 required some careful planning and business advice. This is where Atticus stepped in.

The Sundins had worked with May for several years before heading to the Middle East, and so coming to the Atticus team for advice with setting up their new business venture was a natural progression.

Providing business startup and tax advice, May was able to ensure that they ticked all the necessary boxes. Coming back from overseas, there were several things that could have been missed, costing time and money in the establishment of the business.

Adam and Wendy have taken advantage of the monthly service fee which Atticus offers. Wendy says they love the fact that they can budget for the service, knowing exactly what it will cost each month and what is included. It also means they can call or email for advice or assistance when they need it, knowing it’s already covered.  Atticus have also provided invaluable support for the MYOB software, both in the setup and ongoing.

Wendy feels that the support they receive from the whole Atticus team is wonderful, assistance is quick, and the team are very professional, friendly and helpful.

We love working with businesses like Jellyfish 1770 and seeing our clients’ hard work and dedication lead to their success. Next time you visit Montville you must drop in and see Adam and Wendy and leave with one of their beautiful bags!

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