ATO finalises position on utes and FBT

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Will you ute remain FBT free?

Early this year in our we considered the ATO’s new stance on the fringe benefits tax implications of work utes.

This applies if you:

  • Provide a ute to your staff
  • Own your ute in your trust or company
  • Are provided with a ute by your employer

The ATO has finalised its Practical Compliance Guideline (PCG 2018/3) regarding when work utes would be subject to fringe benefits tax.

Utes will now be subject to fringe benefits tax if:

  • any home to work travel involves a diversion of more than 2 kilometres or
  • you travel more than 1000km for private purposes during the year or
  • any private trip you make is in excess of 200km

Should you wish to avoid fringe benefits tax you will need to:

  • have a policy which restricts private use of the ute
  • obtain assurance from employees that private travel was limited as outlined above

This new compliance measure could have a significant impact on your business, so please chat to your accountant if you have any queries or concerns about this issue.

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