How old do I need to be to access my super?

Anyone born before 1 July 1960 can access their Super at age 55 by way of a transition to retirement pension, whether you are retired or not. These pensions do not allow access to lump sums from your super account but do permit you to take up to 10% of the pension balance each year. If you choose to access your Super before retirement, it’s a great idea to put a ‘transition to retirement (TTR) plan in place. This plan might include using some of your super to supplement your income if you choose to move to part-time rather than full-time work.

Not sure when you can retire? There are calculators available which can tell you simply by entering your date of birth.

Please note that the advice is general advice only and does not take into account your Individual circumstance, so please make a time to talk to our team or your financial planner about your situation and let us help you put your mind at ease about your Superannuation.

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