Has your business name registration lapsed without you knowing?

Several years ago the business name registry was moved from the state registers (Office of Fair Trading in QLD) to ASIC.
ASIC now operates the registry entirely electronically via their ASIC connect portal.  This means you no longer receive a renewal notice in the mail like the good ol’ days – all renewal notices and invoices are sent via email.
Unfortunately, your renewal could be sent to an email address that you no longer use or monitor, especially if you registered your business name many years ago!
We find regularly that clients don’t realise that their business name registration has lapsed.  This could be serious – think of the marketing dollars you’ve put into establishing that name in your field.  If it lapses, after a certain period of time, someone else could register that name!  It’s one of those all too easy to forget registrations because generally they only come once every 3 years.  As your accountant we are also unable to monitor this as we do not have access to your ASIC connect portal – this is a totally separate from your company ASIC registrations.

If you’re concerned your registration has lapsed or you don’t recall when you last got a renewal notice:

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