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If you need help getting started on our client portal you can view an easy to follow guide here. There’s a link to the client portal login at the bottom of each page of our website and if you get stuck you can always call us on 07 4642 5800.

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Online Security – are you taking it seriously?

Are you guilty of having the same password for multiple applications?  Is there a quick and easy way to manage all the logins and passwords we use every day?  How can you raise the bar when it comes to your online security and what are the risks if you don’t? Join May, Marjo and IT … Continued

The Art of Delegation

Doing it all yourself is actually reducing your profit margin Do you often think – I’ll just do it myself because it will be easier?  Do you struggle to delegate?  Delegating is important in any business because it frees up the business leaders to focus on the important stuff which in turn makes you more … Continued

Managing Up

Who knew that we could all be leaders? Today we challenge the age old saying – too many cooks in the kitchen can spoil the broth. Everyone, regardless of their position or tenure in your business, can and should be a leader. Why, you ask? Because it will help you grow your business and make … Continued

The Clouds

Why aren’t you using the Cloud to improve your business profitability? A move to new technology can be a daunting process for many businesses.  Our leading business experts, Marjo and May not only tackle your biggest concerns but show you how a move to the cloud can improve your profit and get you back to … Continued

You need to go out on a date NOW to ensure you retire comfortably!

Where were you financially five years ago?  Go ahead, visualise it now! If you feel like you’re not making headway you’re probably not alone.   In the latest edition of Chardonnay Chat, Marjo and May talk about how to make long-lasting changes to secure your financial future.

How to keep cashflow flowing

Cashflow is like oxygen to a business, but quite frankly almost no businesses monitor it correctly, and sure enough they eventually run out of air.  Listen in as our leading business experts, May and Marjo crack the cashflow issues every business faces over a glass of chardonnay.

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