Marjo Proos

Marjo Proos

Client Manager

BCom CPA MTax 

Marjo is the newest member of the Atticus team and brings with her almost 20 years’ experience in the accounting and tax industry, over half of those years in a management role.

She loves sharing her knowledge with businesses to help them achieve better outcomes. She’s presented training to many audiences – from a room full of tradies to a boardroom full of suit and ties. Connecting with people from all industries is one of Marjo’s key strengths.

Marjo specialises in working with small businesses to help manage capital gains tax concessions, trust law, property transactions and has significant experience in helping clients in the construction industry.

As an energetic and enthusiastic person, Marjo is always looking to the future and to continually improve. She’d love to be a superhero who never needed sleep so she could get more done, but unfortunately we don’t live in a Marvel world. For herself, and the rest of us, Marjo advises we should always seek to improve – but not focus on everything. Choose three things and tackle those first before moving on to the next three.

Outside of work you’ll find Marjo, and her husband who is a chef, eating out and pretending to be food critics. She’s also quite handy with a paint brush, having grown up in a family of tradies.

She draws daily inspiration from the Nelson Mandela quote: Do not judge me by my successes, judge me by how many times I fell and got back up again.



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